Children’s Book

Molly and The Tornado – A children’s book I illustrated written from the eyes of Molly the dalmation who’s world was turned upside down by the Greensburg, Kansas EF5 tornado.

Cartoon Greeting Cards

Funny Cartoon Cards Knock Knock Jokes – A wide range of cute, cartoon, funny greeting cards. If you love knock knock jokes, you will loves these original cards I designed! Great for Anniversaries, holidays and birthdays.

Funny Shirts, Mugs And Gifts With Cartoons

Niche Cartoon Gifts – A wide range of cute, cartoon, funny shirts, mugs and gifts. They feature my original cartoons and wit.

Funny Birthday Shirts and Mugs

Funny Birthday Presents – A wide selection of birthday shirts and mugs. Ideal for milestone birthdays.

Small Businesses Utilizing My Cartoons

Duck Salt – A great seasoning from Kansas. Just Duck It! I designed the cartoon duck logo and bottle label.

Artist Resources – A directory of artists and art related websites organised by subject.