My custom cartoon comic strips and comic pages were highlighted in the December, 2014 Issue of All You Magazine within the article titled, “The Best Gift I Ever Received”

Quotes From Custom Comic Book Pages and Comic Strip Customers:

“Oh my goodness Jason! It is absolutely perfect! You do amazing work!!!! Thanks a million!”
– Veronica H., IA

“Absolutely fantastic! I am thoroughly impressed. You have done a phenomenal job of capturing some of the essential Andy elements and adding a nice touch of humor to them. I am excited to see his reaction to it. 100 percent approved!”
– Trevor F., MO

“Jason – this is so funny, I can’t stand it! I love what you have done with the little information I’ve given you…”
– Natalie F., NV

“I love it! Looks fantastic! Thanks so much! I’m so excited!!!”
– Jennifer M., CANADA

It is awesome! Thanks again, Jason. You will definitely be hearing from me again in the future! I love it!! This is going to be an amazing gift!
– Sarah T., NJ

“I just wanted to fill you in and let you know that the comic went over great! Brandon loved it!”
– Leah P., NY

“It is absolutely amazing! I love it! It’s awesome. I am so excited and happy right now! Thank you! I cannot wait to see the finishing touches! I am so grateful! So, as you can tell, I approve! Once again, thank you so, so, so, so much! Have a good day!”
– Catherine B., NY

“Thank you so much Jason!! Joe’s birthday is tomorrow, and I can’t wait to give him this. You did such an amazing job, I couldn’t be happier! ”
– Sarah S., IL

“Received framed color version a few minutes ago and I love it. Thanks! It was a pleasure.”
– Jim T., FL

“OMG!!! IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!! SUPER!!! YAY! One heck of a happy customer!!!!!! Love it! ”
– Makela L., Ontario