Do you need a unique gift to mark a special occasion? Personalized comic strips are presents that will be cherished for a lifetime! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, promotion, or retirement, a personalized comic strip will make them smile! Did you know that the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is “Paper?” The perfect time for a personalized, hand-drawn comic strip! My custom cartoon comic strips and comic pages were highlighted in the December, 2014 Issue of All You Magazine within the article titled, “The Best Gift I Ever Received

Here’s what you receive:

Each comic strip is a one-of-a-kind, hand drawn original by me. Digital coloring is also available. The comic strips are 4″ x 13″ drawings on a 5 1/2″ x 14″ piece of bristol board and look just as professional as the ones you see in the daily newspapers! The original artwork is black and white ink. I do provide Digital Coloring and would provide you with a high-resolution file that you can have printed locally.

As an additional option for $39.99, I do work with a third party vendor, CafePress, that will Frame a High-Resolution Print of your Artwork if you’d like. Please allow enough time for shipping. This option will be available to you when the project is completed.

Due to the size, comics are best with a maximum of four panels (blocks.) If your idea runs longer, additional charges may apply, or you may want to consider a Custom Comic Book Page.

AND RELAX – you only have to provide me a brief description of the “theme” and a couple of pictures and I’ll do the rest! I’ll write the dialogue and share the ideas with you. Once approved, I’ll mail you the finished drawing as well as email you a high-resolution digital copy that you can have printed locally. Get started and email me your initial idea!

Custom Black & White Comic Strip
(Black & White Inked, Hand Drawn Artwork)
$119.00 USD
Custom Color Comic Strip (Black & White Inked Art & Digital Colored High Resolution File)
*Price does not include shipping and handling for the original artwork. Shipping rates are typically $3.00-$5.00.
$149.00 USD
OPTIONAL: Custom Framed Print From CafePress (3rd Party Vendor)
Add $39.99 USD

Here are a few examples of recent comic strips:

Niche Cartoons Personal Couple Comic Strip

Above: Samantha asked if I could include their wedding, their new dog and their favorite sports team as a special, custom gift for her husband, Steven.

niche cartoons proposal comic strip

Above: Proposals make a wonderful, personalized comic strip! Capture that magical moment with a customized cartoon. It makes a great anniversary or Valentine’s day gift! The one above features a proposal made on the client’s birthday.

Niche Cartoons Personalized Birthday Comic Strip

Above: A personalized comic strip can capture special hobbies, traits and memorable events to make a unique and personal gift.

niche cartoons Vildana comic strip

Above: This client wanted a comic strip about how she first met her boyfriend. She had a very personal story of when they were working together at a restaurant and she was amazed at how I captured it. Her sister later requested a comic strip from me after seeing this one!

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts!
Pesonalized Comic Strips also make unique bridal party gifts – personalized for groomsmen, bridesmaids and more. Samples of Personalized Groomsman Comic Strips.