Do you need a unique gift to mark a special occasion? Personalized comic strips are presents that will be cherished for a lifetime! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, promotion, or retirement, a personalized comic strip will make them smile! Did you know that the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is “Paper?” The perfect time for a personalized, hand-drawn comic strip! My custom cartoon comic strips and comic pages were highlighted in the December, 2014 Issue of All You Magazine within the article titled, “The Best Gift I Ever Received

Here’s what you receive:

Each comic strip is a one-of-a-kind, hand drawn original by me. Digital coloring is also available. The comic strips are 4″ x 13″ drawings on a 6″ x 14″ piece of bristol board and look just as professional as the ones you see in the daily newspapers! The original artwork is black and white ink. I do provide digital coloring and would provide you with a high quality color print and a high-resolution color file.

Framing is no longer available.

Due to the size, comics are best with a maximum of four panels (blocks.) If your idea runs longer, additional charges may apply, or you may want to consider a Custom Comic Book Page.

AND RELAX – you only have to provide me a brief description of the “theme” and a couple of pictures and I’ll do the rest! I’ll write the dialogue and share the ideas with you. Once approved, I’ll mail you the inked finished drawing, a high quality color print and email you a high-resolution digital file. Get started and email me your initial idea!

Custom Black & White Comic Strip:
Black & White Inked, Hand Drawn Artwork Only.
FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping.
$139.00 USD
Custom Color Comic Strip:
Black & White Inked, Hand Drawn Artwork, One High Quality Color Print, and a Digital Colored High Resolution File
FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping of color print and artwork.
$189.00 USD

Here are a few examples of recent comic strips:

Niche Cartoons Personal Couple Comic Strip

Above: Samantha asked if I could include their wedding, their new dog and their favorite sports team as a special, custom gift for her husband, Steven.

niche cartoons proposal comic strip

Above: Proposals make a wonderful, personalized comic strip! Capture that magical moment with a customized cartoon. It makes a great anniversary or Valentine’s day gift! The one above features a proposal made on the client’s birthday.

Niche Cartoons Personalized Birthday Comic Strip

Above: A personalized comic strip can capture special hobbies, traits and memorable events to make a unique and personal gift.

niche cartoons Vildana comic strip

Above: This client wanted a comic strip about how she first met her boyfriend. She had a very personal story of when they were working together at a restaurant and she was amazed at how I captured it. Her sister later requested a comic strip from me after seeing this one!

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts!
Pesonalized Comic Strips also make unique bridal party gifts – personalized for groomsmen, bridesmaids and more. Samples of Personalized Groomsman Comic Strips.